The 4 G’s: Girls, Gardening, and “Gossip Girl”

May 24th, 2009 by alisonkolesar

Girls in Truck

Why haven’t I been writing more?  I have lists of projects and article ideas, drafts of essays, editors to contact, queries to compose, and of course my ever-unfinished poetry manuscript… But it’s all languishing in my notebook because it’s late May and I have gardening fever.  AND I’m addicted to “Gossip Girl.”

This is not the time of year to sit at a desk and write poems.  This is the time to dig, till, weed, hoe, plant, and water.  After months of internal winter darkness, I channel my creative energy outward, into the garden.  I’ve been manically working in my perennial beds, dividing and transplanting flowers, usually after the girls’ bedtime when there’s just enough light to see and the peepers are singing from the pond.  And because T. has been out of commission with his knee infection, I’ve taken on the whole vegetable garden too– planning the beds, weeding them, planting seeds and seedlings.  

We also have six chickens to care for.  A. has named them One-Day, Two-Day, Three-Day, Four-Day, Five-Day, and Six-Day.  They are docile and sweet.  One got loose this morning and when I picked her up and put her back inside the fencing, she practically cooed in my hands.  We found our first egg today too.  A very small one.  C. ate the whole thing at dinner and wouldn’t share with anyone.

Yesterday I got in summer squash, zukes, and more mesclun mix seeds.  Today I planted calendula and jewel marigolds in the annual herb bed.  Also cilantro, parsley and some dill, which despite my avid watering is sad and droopy.  Before dinner I zoomed to Walker Farm for pickling cukes and slicing cukes, sweet Genovese basil, pink cosmos, red zinnias, Jewel of Africa nasturtiums, and one 6-pack of purple dahlias.  Maybe I will rise before C. tomorrow morning and plant them all.  Unlikely…

Because I’m not going to bed early, either.  When I come in from the garden, I’m don’t curl up in bed with my journal or a good book.  No, like a moth to a flame I find myself irresistibly drawn back to Gossip Girl, a show I never thought I would like, let alone be unable to turn off.  Somehow the characters and their entanglements have gotten in my brain and I can’t get them out.  

Even though my sister, cousin, and babysitter all raved about it, I dismissed “Gossip Girl” for months.  “A show about rich high school kids– I’d hate that!” I thought.  Being in high school was bad enough, I didn’t want to revisit it on TV, dwelling in petty teenage dramas and obsessions.  

But I now here I am obsessed with notorious bad boy Chuck Bass and his hidden love for the Queen Bee Bitch of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf.  I hated Chuck for a few episodes and then changed my tune– his dry wit is hilarious, his “urban dandy” wardrobe is fantastic, and his glowering glare never ceases to impress me.  Ed Westwick, the British actor who plays him, must be truly brilliant to pull off that American drawl.  

I think it’s a blessing that I’ve finished watching Season One and am forced to wait (months? oh god no!) for Season Two to come out on DVD.  More time for the garden, and hopefully, more writing.


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