Boston, You’re My Home

May 4th, 2009 by alisonkolesar


C. in the City

Back from 48 hours in the city.  Overwhelming, overstimulating, and fun fun fun.  

All afternoon after we arrived home, the girls played in the yard, running around naked in the grass frolicking under the hose.  90 degrees, hot and dry.  

Vermont has never seemed like such paradise.  Maybe you need to leave in order to appreciate what you have.

Two years since I was last in Boston and it seemed more cosmopolitan to me– more colors and cultures, more energy.  Still lots of Red Sox shirts and hats in the crowds at the Public Garden, scores of people waiting in long tedious lines to ride the Swan Boats.  I considered joining them, but A. was happier to wander the edges of the pond and talk to the ducks and geese.  When I got her a hot dog, she ate half the white bun and fed the other half to the birds until I read the sign that said “DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS.”  I tried to explain to her about overpopulation and public health concerns, but A. wasn’t interested.

We saw Harbor seals at the Aquarium, pushing through the sea of school-vacationing families– teeming crowds pressed shoulder-to-shoulder against every glass.  Seals, penguins, the spiral ocean tank containing sharks, rays and angelfish, a blue whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling.  All of it memorable but overcrowded.  

Claustrophobic, we reclaimed our huge Mountain Buggy double from the stroller check, strapped the girls in, and literally ran full-tilt over to the North End to get pizza at Ernesto’s (“best pizza in Boston”).  We had the place to ourselves and scarfed down thin-crust double slices before getting gelato around the corner.

Satiated on Italy’s finest, we made it back to our hotel downtown, where my mom (thank god) was meeting us.  The girls were ecstatic-  “Nonna! Nonna!” they cried, running down the long carpeted hall to her room, shedding clothes as they went.  

Other highlights:  swimming in the hotel pool with A. and my dear friend from high school, bless her, who hoofed it all the way downtown 8-months pregnant with her 2-year-old and 7-year-old nephew in tow, just to hang out with us!  Also Boston Children’s Museum with our friends and their 14-month-old twins, then the lightning fast but oh-s0-civilized, child-free trip with my mom down Bolyston St. drinking bubble tea all the way to Anthropologie, followed by parents’ night out to Somerville for Sangria, barbecue, good talk and companionship.  

The last morning (on 5 hours sleep) involved a final sprint across the Common with A. to Victoria’s Secret where I wanted to use up a gift-certificate I’d had since Christmas.  Why not order online?  Because I needed to actually try on a bra as my cup size keeps changing due to nursing.  Five thongs, one bra, one pair of pajamas, and one grumpy preschooler later, we’d accomplished our mission.  

On our way out,  A. grabbed a pair of LOVE PINK size-9 pale pink flip-flops out of a basket set temptingly right at stroller-level (I’d strapped her in).  With the last $15 of my gift card, I bought them to prevent a tantrum.  Both my girls do indeed LOVE PINK, though the color does not become me.

Is it possible to fit all these things into 2 days?  By the end we were all running on fumes, especially me, who barely slept.  I’ve never been so grateful to be home.  I can do a nature pee in the grass behind my house (in the city you must walk for miles in agony with a full bladder desperate for a public bathroom).  

Maybe next spring we’ll venture to New York.


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